The Portrait

Portraits in the early days were designed to form a self-image.  Portraits were only used to express the charm and achievement of the most ambitious and successful people. Early photographer tried to avoid bold colors by using more settle colors to create a lighter softer image. They started on canvas paper and continued onto velvet or silk.  The first most popular portrait was created in 1750, which was the miniature portrait. The miniature photo became a large success and was purchased, as art, by many middle class families around the world. In 1789, portraits took a small change from the miniature portrait to a more standard effect.



As you can see, photography has came along way since 1789.  Portraits back then were more bland, less colorful and had little expression.  They were used for the purpose of creating a self-image of the most popular.  The French Revolution made it possible to create some of the most popular portaits of that time and generation. Today portraits are made by the Digital Camera with as much expression, color possible.  The more expression the better as oppose to back then.  Portaits are used and made by any individual, from portaits of one alone to the whole entire family.

Katy Perry 2011

As you can see, the image was created for the purpose of showing off her more glamorous side.  This portrait shows confidence, and more sexuality, which is something that was not acceptable back then.

There were many inspiring photographer in the early 1700-1800.  One being Charles Marville born 1813-1870, who was a French photographer who mainly photographed architecture and lanscape.  His inspiring photographs of the ancient Parisian quaters, before they were destroyed, are still admired today.

Parisian Quarters

Another famous photographer I showed a liking in is Julia Margaret Cameron born. She was born of British decent in 1815-1879 as she became fanous for her portraits of celebrities, and photographs with Arthurian and other legendary themes.  Although her career was short lived, her photos were unique and take an impact on more modern photographers. She is knows for her closely cropped photos, which was not widely appreciated back then.

Annie 1864

Ellen Terry 1864


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