Photo Manipulation Project

I have decided to manipulate a few photo’s from their original piece. I choose these photo’s because I found them to be pleasing to the eye and thought I could edit them in ways that could benefit the picture.

Photography by  Tianne Strombeck

Edited by Stephanie John

In order to develop this photo, I inverted the colour then softened it.  I then strengthened the colours around the feet and the outer layers on the photo to create a more intense pop out look.  This is my final product because I found it to be the most intense and the complete opposite to what I started with.  I thought this picture would look nice t with the negative effect because the background is black that would then turn it white and would have given me a brighter finishing to work with. It looks like watercolour or stained glass or perhaps  x-ray vision of what the owl may look like to another animal or species.

Photography by Nadeem Khawar

Edited by Stephanie John

I first edited the photo to a black and white finish and then added colour back to the mans head and a bit on the scarf.  I used the focal point option to focus more on the middle of the photo to create a more intense look.  I made this photo to have an older look, with a tad of a modern touch to it.  I also added a film grain to made it look older and more ancient. It is almost as if the man is coming out of the dust. Maybe even from one century into another. I prefer my version of this photo with the film grain because it makes it seem more ancient than it really is.

Photography by Mark Hopkins

Edited by Stephanie John

I loved this photo of this statue of Madusa, and I thought I could make it even better.  I found the first picture to be a bit bland as a photo, so I added the boost effect to the photo and then a thermal touch. I really liked what it had done to the photo with the purple and orange shine.  I found that it brought her to life almost.  I also used the sepia option to create an off white touch to the background and then matted the outside to add contrast to the focal point. I feel that my version gives Madusa more expression and more feeling and emotion to the photo.  This photo is probably my most favourable.

Photography by Danielle Mussmen

Edited by Stephanie John

I decided to work with this photo because I thought it was a beautiful picture especially with the mountain peaking through in the back.  I decided to turn it into an older photo shot with an emphasis on the mountain. I thought this added a nice contrast and then brought back some greenery on the tree so it was not only just black and white.  I enjoyed looking at the green and it seems almost as if the sun is peaking down on the tree to make it that colour.  This photo reminds me of how nature is colourful and without it everything would be boring.

I hope you enjoy my Photo Manipulation!


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