Keith Carter

Keith Carter was a famous photographer born of Winsconsin Pennsilvania who was an artist, educator and became known for his unique style of photomontage. His photos usually consisted of people, animals, and objects.  He explores relationshipd that are timeless. enigmatic and mythological by depicting from the animal world, popular culture, folklore and religion.  His photos detect a hidden meaning and they address the relationship of our ideas of place, time. memory, desire and regret.  Known as “a poet of the ordinary” by the Los Angeles Times, his haunting, enigmatic photographs have been widely exhibited in Europe, U.s and Latin America and have been published to the Museam of Fine Arts.

Take a look at a few of his photos

“I don’t just look at the thing itself or at the reality itself; I look around the edges for those little askew moments-kind of like what makes up our lives-those slightly awkward, lovely moments.” 

― Keith Carter

I have been researching to find a similar modern photographer who follows the same subject and style. I came across a famous photographer know as Tome Chamber who’s photos depict the same themes as Kieth’s. I took a liking in Tom Chambers photos because they were so imaginative and dream like.

Tom Chambers was born in the Amish country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania who started his career in digital photography from Ringling School of Arts.  He devoted himself to photomontage where he shares intriguing unspoken stories about spirituality, personal identity, and co-existence. Noe Tom is represented by seven galleries in the U.S and Spain and his work has been showed internationally, as well as in a wide range of print and online publications. He has received many awards and recognition for his photomontage from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.  His mythical illustrations address the fragility of childhood or the delicate transition into adulthood. Others depict the tension in coexistence between man and his environment.

Take a look at a few of his photos

“As an artist I have created photomontages to reveal a personal vision about the nature of children, animals, and their interactions. These images illustrate the fleeting moods that can’t be captured by a traditional camera or seen by the naked eye. My hope is that you will explore and enjoy a different type of photography.”
— Tom Chambers

As you can see, Tom Chamber photos are brilliant.  He not only develops the photo, he creates it.  He has enormous talent and expresses the “unknown”, which is something that takes creativeness and ability to see beyond the box.  Both photographer specialize in photomontage which seems to be my favourite choice of photo because it is more of an art form which is carefully constructed, using two images that have been planned and those that unexpectedly enhance a story.  With Toms digital photography education his photos are beyond amazing.  I believe that Tom Chambers was inspired by Keith Carter photos and took photomontage to a next level.  Both photographer enhance mythology and spirituality and act as mediums in photography. If Keith Carter were still alive today I would certainly like to see pictures done digitally and what he can come up with.  I am sure they would also be brilliant. Seeing that both style of photomontage were developed differently because of time and age, there style and theme still remains the same. What was then called photomontage is now called photo manipulatio.  There is no comparison between older photo’s and photo’s done with todays technology and that is why I choose these two photographers.  I enjoyed the similarities as well as the differences between them and how the digital age has changed art and photography in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed my post!